New Watchmaker Lathe & Mill On The Market For Sale

New Watchmaker Lathe & Mill On The Market For Sale

When it comes to watchmakers and clockmakers, many typically think of Swiss machines. However, those machines are usually quite expensive. The other challenge for some is machine size. They are simply too big for available space. Many have come across two brands sold in the USA for their needs, Sherline and Taig. However, they all seem to have major flaws that can frustrate even the most patient watchmaker. It’s the headstocks and spindle options. Fortunately, another manufacturer that has now introduced a line of lathe and mills for watchmakers. They specifically make headstocks for Taig, Sherline and/or custom machine setups. now offers precision spindles mounted in their own “Heavy Duty” headstocks using ABEC9 (P2) bearings. Their Heavy Duty headstocks aren’t huge of course, but they are much more heavy duty than what comes with a Sherline or Taig from the factory. Here’s the really good news…they can also do an extra grinding operation to the spindle arbor after it’s mounted in the headstock. By doing a light surface grind of the collet mating surface, after the spindle is mounted in the bearings and headstock, you can get maximum accuracy. The collet mating surface will then have the same precision as the bearing itself. As you may know, ABEC9 bearings are the king of precision. This means micron level machining!

So what options do you have for spindles? They offer ER25, ER32, ER40, and even ER50 collet sizes. They also offer R8 and MT3. You can also find and odd little accessory for the ER headstocks. They offer and adjustable ER nut for ER25, ER32 and ER40. Basically, it has several setscrews that allow you to “dial out” and error-runout in your cutter for a mill or workpiece for a lathe. Combine that with an ABEC9 setup, and now you have a watchmakers dream. Why do I say dream? Because of the price.

Many of the headstocks start out at only $497. Of course, the most expensive part of upgrading the headstock to ABEC9 is the ABEC9 bearing cost. I always tell people never ever go cheap on the bearings. If you can afford it, also get the extra grinding operation. It’s that combination the really gets you where you want to be. Even if they charged twice as much, I’d still gladly pay it (in fact I’m not sure why they don’t, probably better grab a setup before they decided to up the prices).

Now for the downside. I’ve noticed that they can sell-out of inventory almost as soon as they get a shipment in. This means, if they have it in stock, don’t wait. And, if they don’t have it in stock, you’ll probably want to pay to guarantee you’ll get something from the next order from their suppliers. The owner has told me that he can have a good size supply shipment one day, then everything gone by weeks end. In addition to general popularity, they also sell to governments, large corporations, and colleges.

Do you want to check them out? Click Here> Heavy Duty Spindle & Headstocks


They owner mentioned that the ER25 is the most popular for watchmakers.